Monday, October 30, 2006


My friend Jarrod finally got his new dell laptop from school. He generously is letting me use his old one which is still better than all my previous cpus combined. I can basically do whatever I want to it but I have to be careful not to download stuff like a mad fiend cuz of viruses and shit.


-My dog's name is Woofles.
-pepito, son of satan

Sunday, October 01, 2006


I have a new apartment in Fort Wayne. My Roomates are my friends Jarrod and Candice. Rent is $450.00 a month and the apartment was absolutely vile upon moving in. On the upside, our new home is right smack dab in the thick of the town so we could feasably walk to any location of interest.

moogles are fun.


Saturday, May 13, 2006

I openly and defiantly defend Myspace dot com

The following does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of those poor webmasters who created and operate, JUST MEm, one of their millions of members.

Yep, that's right, me, the most OPINIONATED sunofabich you've ever met, DEFENDING! Why you ask? Simply put, Myspace wasn't created by or for sex offenders in any sense. They simply abuse the website and as such the website takes a bunch of crap they don't deserve. I actually have friends whose (lazy) parents are prohibiting them to use the site. Now honestly, I use the site myself. I have a BAD-ASS profile and have met some pretty cool people through the messeging system. Have I been solicited or tried to solicit an underaged girl for sex? HELL NO! Have any of my underaged friends been solicited for sex, NO! The reason you ask? BECAUSE WE AREN'T STUPID OR HORNY ENOUGH TO STUPIDLY INVITE OR SOLICIT COMPLETE STRANGERS TO OUR HOMES TO HAVE SEX WITH US!

Now folks, this is yet another example of the laziness of (some) parents. These parents who blame, ban, and slander the website never want to take the time to dig deeper into their childrens' own dark, dirty, frightening little lives. nine times out of ten the person being solicited is a kid who wants nothing more than to piss off their parents, smoke, drink, rebel and get freaky with other strange people. As a result the wrong people look at these moronic kids' profiles and pick them out as easy targets. The kind of parents who blame the website are the kind of closed minded lazy parents who would rather not blame their own ignorance of their free-range children's whereabouts and activities. As a parent, (which I am not mind you) I would still let my kid use the site, but I would more closely monitor how they decorate their profile... LIKE A RESPONSIBLE PARENT!!! Let's face it, some of these kids' profiles are downright DIRTY! It's like those parents who blame video game manufacturers and music artists for creating "violent subject matter." Here's my messege: YOU, THE PARENTS AND YOUR CHILDREN ARE S-O-U-L-L-Y RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOUR CHILD DOES UNTIL THEY REACH 18 YEARS OF AGE. NOT THE MUSIC COMPANIES, NOT THE VIDEO GAME MANUFACTURERS, AND CERTAINLY NOT THE WELL-MEANING WEBMASTERS OF MYSPACE.COM!!!! MYSPACE.COM WAS CREATED IN ORDER TO HELP PEOPLE FIND THEIR [FRIENDS] . NOT FOR SEX OFFENDERS TO ABUSE THE SITE THAT TOM AND HIS BUDDIES WORKED SO HARD TO CREATE. DON'T CONTINUE TO ATTACK THIS WEBSITE AND BAN ITS USE, INSTEAD, ACT LIKE A RESPONSIBLE PARENT OR SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR AND WATCH WHAT YOUR STUPID, MORINIC KIDS OR STUDENTS DO ONLINE FOR A CHANGE YOU LAZY FUCKTARDS! YOU WANNA KNOW WHO'S RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CHILD GETTING INTO TROUBLE ONLINE OR WITH THE LAW? LOOK IN THE MIRROR! INSTEAD OF LAUNCHING AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE WORKINGS OF THIS WEBSITE, BUST AND JAIL THE SEX OFFENDERS LIKE *GASP* MYSPACE USERS ARE DOING! KIDS AND YOUNG ADULTS MY AGE ARE ABLE TO SET UP AND INCARCERATE THESE BASTARDS, DON'T YOU THINK THAT YOU SHOULD TRY DOING THIS INSTEAD OF POINTING A FINGER AT THE WRONG PARTY? THIS GOES FOR THE NEWS MEDIA AS WELL!

If enough people get busted by myspace users trying to solicit minors for underaged sex, they might *GASP* stop abusing the website!

Put that on TV and newspapers!


Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children

WEEE! WEEEEEOOOOH! WOOT! HUZAH! I finally got my hands on a (legal) copy of FF7AC! Since purchasing it on, I've watched it... oops I lost count... well, alot. I got it 2 days earlier than the site said I would too, so I guess somebody over there loves me! My friend Jarjar has yet to see the movie in english, but as far as i'm concerned, the japanses voiceovers were much better, with the exception of Vincent and Yuffie, in which case the voices are identical (or better in the case of Kristy Carleson Ramano.) I usually watch it in Japanese for the most part anyway. This 2 disc special edition DVD includes the many trailers, (some of which are of much better quality than the actual film, sadly.) deleted scenes, the usual "making of" documentary, Trailers of some FF7 based anime, game footage from The Dirge of Cerberus, (a game featuring Vincent as it's main character.), and some screenshots from what look like some FF7 based handheld games.

My Score: 5 out of 5 stars.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

It Waits...

I was asked to promote a horror movie called "It Waits." Reading the Press Release, I found the storyline quite good. The banner won't work with this blog template, but here's a picture of the box art. The press release has screenshots as well. Enjoy... MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

You can find the press release at this adress:

Friday, April 28, 2006

My thoughts on Vegetarianism and my *Ideal* life

Lately I have found myself ADDICTED to MEAT! I don't know why, but my mouth waters at the sight of a smoke house. All that BACON and PRIME RIB and SIRLOIN! I do plan on temporarily converting to veganism once I get my own place (which could take a long time...) but let's just say it's not out of respect for the "poor animals"... Once I get my weight down to about 140-145 It's right back to the MEAT. During the period of the veggies, I will be partaking in some Yoga and/or Pillates exercises, chi exercises, and some biking. The biking probably being at night in a well-lit park or a commercial street for safety reasons, but if I were to bike during the day, my skin would get sunburned (VERY) easily regardless of the spf on the sunblock. My current diet keeps failing due to the lack of room to exercise in the house and the constant inquiry as to what I'm doing or why I'm going out back. Not to mention the fact that My boarders are rather -*ahem* PICKY about what they buy in regards to food. Mostly meat and TV dinners, as I said, Imminent Failure... In the meantime I'll just have to stick to my monthly MONSTER injections of pure Bioadrenalectrostatimagnetic ENERGY to contuniue to function properly.

Once I finally move out of this DEATHTRAP and get a nightshift job, I'm hoping to completely flip my 24 Hour clock thereby making 12:00 Noon my Midnight. Thereby rendering me immune to stares given by "normal" people and allowing me to interact with the more interesting folk of the nightlife. So my *IDEAL* typical "day" would be thus: Wake up at 5:00 PM, get ready for work, show up to my job at 6:00 PM. I'd work until about 1:00 AM, Then go home and relax, dink around or whatever untill about 9:00 AM. Go to bed and Repeat. On the weekends, my days would kick ass allowing for a temporary "flip" of my clock on certain given saturdays in order to take care of any buisiness I may have at Commercial Retailers that may normally close at 6:00PM meaning I'd stay awake from 12:00 noon on a saturday 'till about 9:00 AM monday morning in order to properly "flip back" my clock to it's unique proper function. MONSTER and/or other energy drinks will play an integral role in the proper execution of these "odd weekends."


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My new (old as hell) CPU!

My aunt gave me an old COMPAQ that her place of employment no longer required. It has windows 98 with like 5 srvice packs on it. I promptly set up my broken miho background added 256 RAM, 6...SIX slave drives, (no, I'm not kidding, six slave drives!) windows media player 7, adobe reader 5.0, Paint shop pro 7, and Magic the Gathering Duels of the Plainswalkers. I put some other random things on it and it runs... ok for the moment. I may try to find another CPU if only for the purpose of running Magic because it is a KICK ASS game that only runs on 95 and 98 and I want to put windows XP on my CPU. More on this as things happen...

Mark of the Succubus

I was in Walden books the same day I repurchased MM&B and I found this manga. I like it! it's about this demon girl who falls in love with this guy, then accidentally puts her mark of death on him. Ooooh, DRAMA! should be interestin'! I've already finished volume 1, can't wait fro vol. 2!

My score: 4.7 stars

My reason: reminds me a bit too much of some of my other lady friends' manga ideas. other than that, it's a good story... so far.

All I can say about this one is: IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME! After playing Tales of Symphonia for the GCN, I was dying to know how it all began. This game explains alot! The battle system is very similar to the TOS engine, but in 2D. Some of the sprites got an overhaul and the storyline is wicked thorough. Not to happy about claus's first weapon being the necronomicon though. the book should be a hell of alot more powerful than that or at least let you summon Nebilim (mentioned in TOS as part of the devils arms sidequest.) but I didn't make the game, so I guess I can't complain. The colluseum is a BITCH! You can't win man, give it up! I still haven't beaten TOP yet but, again, the reason is commin' up soon, so be patient...

My Score: 5 stars

My Reason: DUDE! Have you PLAYED Tales of Symphonia!? This game answers so many questions! The main character isn't a moron, and the ninja chick uses KUNAI! Remember Kuchinawa from TOS? exactly like that! on top of that, CHESTER RULES! I don't know why, bot I rock with the bow in this game too, who knew?

Yup, that's right! another review of an older game! Boo hoo, get over it. I purchased this game about a week before I got MM&B. I had seen alot of people playing it but never got to myself. Now I know why it was so popular. Take the engine from Secret of Mana for the SNES and add a bestiary and some new weapons and you get Seiken Densetsu 2 for the Super Famicom or Sword of Mana for the GBA. Not only that but if you beat a particular monster 1000 times, it turns black and all it's stats increase by 500! SHIT SON! The storyline is well thought out and there's a communication feature now, though what it's for is beyond me... for now. I still haven't beaten this game yet , but you'll find out why soon enough...

My Score: 4.5 stars

My reason: This game is kinda difficult the first time around! Minus a half a star! Other than that, I kinda like the whole Hack n' Slash feel of it! I FUCKIN' ROCK WITH THE BOW!


Megaman and Bass

Yeah I know what you're all thinking: "Why is this retard putting up a review of such an old game?" The answer: "...because it's a really good game and I haven't put in my 10 cents yet!"

Anywho, Megaman and Bass (or Megaman 8.5) is quite possibly the only original megaman console game (It was released for the super famicom back in '96 or '98 or sumthin') to present you with a CHOICE of characters to play as throughout the game. Megaman 7 had a minigame featuring Bass , but that was about the jest of it. You can also find hidden CDs which tell you more about the various robot masters and main characters. I had the GBA version of the game once, but let a friend borrow it. His cousin found it and it "poofed" from existance. NEway, a couple of weeks ago I purchased a copy of "DragonballZ Supersonic Warriors." from Gamestop. I tested it in the car and it was broken, so when we went to the mall we stopped at Babbages (a subsidiary of the Game Stop franchise) and I returned the game. I mosied over to the shelf to pick out a game of equal or lesser value, and saw Megaman and Bass. My reaction was "GIMME DAT! NOW!" I beat it within two hours of purchase. This past weekend I found my old MM&B manual from the first purchase. It was a little worse for wear but still ledgable.
I usually play as Bass due to his better handling. Bass can dash, double jump, merge with Treble, and has multi-directional rapid-fire with a potential power of 8 (8 being the number of chips he can knock off of the Green Devil's health meter with a four shot burst.) Megaman can walk, jump, and charge his buster to perform a power 3 blast. You tell me who's more powerful...

My Score: 5 stars.

My reason: It's easy for the most part, which means I can take a lean just about anywhere for 5 minutes or less and beat a stage. That's how I like my games, somewhat easy and short, making for a more casual gaming experience.

As for that box art, I like it better than the generic box art, but I can't for the life of me find an actual game box with that particular design...

Monday, February 27, 2006


This weekend my Friend Jarod came over and partied with me. We played Soul Calibur 2 and watched Daredevil on cable. (Jarjar doesn't have cable so this was like going to the movies for him.) The next morning we (tried) to make french toast, but found that someone messed with the fridge temp guage. The eggs were FROZEN! So we had no breakfast. Jarjar and I decided to (finally) move the huge 26 inch television from the basement to my room. We tried to move the stand first and found it to be quite heavy. We managed to get it up the stairs but had to take a dewage break. We got the stand into my room and went to tackle the TV. The Tv was lighter, but harder to keep a grip on. we got it about three quarters of the way up the stairs and Jarrod's like "Fuckit, here I got it." He just picked the whole thing up and juggernauted it up the stairs. After another break we got it onto the stand. The next part was a bitch, we had to set up all the equipment, make it work, and figure out how to make the buttons on the remote work properly. after all was said and done, I wanted to make sweet luuuurve to the TV! We got the cable to work, the surround system hooked up, the VCR would change the channels, The gamecube and portable device input interface plugged inm, and an added bonus, MY NEW DVD PLAYER WORKS AT LAST, HUZZZAH! We still had problems making the buttons on the TV remote work, but after messing with the batteries a few times at least got the input and power buttons working. I ended up with 4 remotes in all. We sat down to play some Tales of Symphonia to celebrate and had some (thawed) egg sandheges. Jarrod then took leave with an honest 13 bucks pay for gas, and a knuckle up and was on his way. Not a bad weekend at all, I daresay.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Makeover (cringe)

Thursday I might be getting a haircut an stuff from one of Chelsea's friends. I hope they don't eliminate my godly tresses completely...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Another lonely V. Day

St. Valentine's Day has always been a sore subject for me. I've never had anyone to share it with. Don't know why exactly, could be due to a number of things, teh nice personality, teh fact that I don't jump for teh rebound as a matter of honor. (if ya get me) Teh fact that I'm a hopeless romantic in some respects. Maybe if I stopped bein' so damned nice, I might get a GF... lol.

But to those who have enjoyed their Valentine's day, I do wish you well, and a happy V. day to those that read...


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Myspace dot com and a welcome to those who find this blog as a result of it...

I have recently joined the Myspace community. Most of my personal friends are on it and I have already made a few new ones who seem like nice people. The user interface is kind of a pain but I got used to it after a while. The profile thing was screwy for a while there. I just hope that people actually read this blog and start populating my friggin' message board. that thing is a ghost town. I still keep up with updates, maintanence, and moderation though.

For those of you who do find this wonderful place, Welcome and enjoy reading my thoughts! Please join my messege board! For the love of Captain Morgan, GOD PLEASE JOIN AND MAKE USE OF IT I BEG YOUHOOHOO!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Job huntzing and Wardorks!!

It's a pain in teh @$$! I'll be going through teh paper tomorrow.

As to teh Wardorks!! comic, it's halted indefinetly until I get my own CPU. I'm tired of trying to work on a complicated comic on someone else's CPU and only getting either an hour at a time to do tiny bits here and there, or staying up 'till the @$$-( ^@( < of dawn working to get it all done at once.

How's yeh Mum!?


Thursday, January 19, 2006

Random dealings of peeples I know...

My friend Brian moved to florida. He'll be settling into the house his aunty gave him soon. His transfer from home depot should be finished by then so he'll be workin' again.

Chelsea, a very dear lady friend of mine is very busy trying to balance skewl, Army drilz, her job, and her social life, so she's absolutely swamped.

Jarrod hurt his arm during a wrestling session and is taking a well deserved break from extracarricular activities. He's getting straight A's, practically teaches his computer operations class, dealing with his father's illness, sifting through the various colleges that want him, wooing his girlfriend, AND holding a job.

All this makes me feel like such a chump because I'm still trying to get a job and dealing with my ill and quite cranky grandfather and his house. I don't like just existing. Cabin feever is setting in.

In other news, My Step dad's best friend just died, so he's kinda gonna be keeping to himself for a while.

In world news, that Ann Arbor girl who was kidnapped in Iraq has less than twenty four hours to live. It's a sad state of affairs because our govt. isn't even willing to negotiate with the terrorists, which can only mean a (fourth since I've started counting) christian humane worker slash reporter [Might] die tomorrow. I still question the sanity of teh people who go over there willingly in the first place....

Friday, January 13, 2006


It was a lot of work, and I'm out of breath, but it was worth it. I replied to almost every, single post! Soo...manny...poosts! Soo...Nekked...

I also sent a welcome message to a new member, but I think she might have ran away beacause of the lack of activity... oh well. I updated the news fader, added to my already massive custom title on my forum profile, (not the one you see on this page...) and added to the title of my forum.

The temperature in this house has to be at least 85 at the moment because I'm sweating in the dead of winter...


Actual time: 12:41 AM

Thursday, January 12, 2006

An Update in Fear

As many of you may know from watching any given news network, The American public is being... "re-educated" for lack of a better word, to fear just about anything. The following is a list of things, just in recent months mind you, that have come up in the news...

Plastic baby toys may be toxic to, well, babies... appearently, the colored plastic may be lethal, who knew?

Mattresses and pillows may contain mold that can cause lung allergies and (wait for it...) CANCER! YAY! ^_^

Artaficial sugar can also cause cancer. (just a reminder)

Arabs are becomming victims of paranoia/hate crimes because of 9-11. Those poor people...

Finally, we come to the bird pandemic that's supposed to kill us all... Ok, so maybe it's killed, like, 2 people in areas far from a hospital, but a pandemic? BULLSHIT! 2 (or was it 3?) people hardly caount as a large population, unless you live in volinia. (that's a four-corner "outpost" west of my hometown of Marcellus.)

This type of media fed paranoia has led to our baby monkey-king of a president getting away with warrantlessly spying on other americans who are belived to be "terrorists."

Folks, the only thing we have to fear is the evil monkey that lives in all our closets, fear itself, and (yes, you knew it was commin') bears! Bears are just plain evil. It's them we should be spying on! look at 'em! All big and furry with teeth the size of your leg, plotting. Plotting to destroy us all! Apart from that, the things we are being spoon fed by the media and the government to fear need not leave you scurrying to replace your pillows, toys, and mattresses.

...although, death has some people worried for good reason...

oompa loompa doopady blah. -_-

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Seasons of Anime

Well, it's been awhile since I saw any anime. I tuned into Adult Swim and caught new episodes of Full Metal Alchemist and Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig. Fullmetal hasn't lost it's emotional charm and some plot questions are finally being answered. As for G.I.T.S.S.A.C., The opening theme has changed, and the graphics, as well as the intensity of the explicitly gory scenes have vastly improved. Once again, however the storyline is difficult to follow as I have come in on the um-teenth episode, so I think I'll just get it on DVD.

Though it doesen't count as anime, (being French in origin) Code Lyoko is starting to get better with age. The only gripe I have is the same one I had about the early episodes, AILITA HAS NO WEAPONS, STILL! GAH!

Though a child's cartoon, Danny Phantom has had me intrigued since it's debut a year or two ago. It's about a kid who can change into a ghost at will and travel between our world and the ghost realm. Along with his friend Tucker and gothic would-be Girl-friend, Sam, he takes on all the nasties that escape into our world through his parents' ghost portal. I don't know why, but I love the hell out of this show, unlike it's creator's other travesty, the Fairly Odd Parents which is just plain goofy as hell. The new season is improving the characters by way of Danny finally getting fed up with the bully at his school and pulling some pranks of his own. (I loves it when the un popular get even) Sam is getting closer to admitting her feelings for Danny with each passing episode, and Vlad Plasmius is just plain me, although I wouldn't be caught dead in his ghost outfit. (no pun intended) He never ceases to confuse you as to his affiliation. As for Tucker the tech geek, I haven't seen any changes in his character.

That's about it for this post. Until later,
Nanu Nanu.

Monday, January 09, 2006


Firstly, I've been busy trying to find work, dealing with holidayz, arguing with crazy old people over wildly stupid things, and just plain booked, so I apologize for not doing anything since oc-friggin'-tober.

On the up-side, you get reviews and updates galore, starting with the updates. I have recently renewed my Game Informer Subscription, so I should be in the know at least for a long while when it comes to most things video games. This has let to a massive amount of gameplay on my part. There are still some games I have to review for you apart from the many below. these include Tales of Symphonia, True Crime, Streets of LA, and The Urbz, Sims in the City. Though old titles they may be, I feel it necessary to throw my 4 cents at you.

My E-mail account was cracked recently so I ended up paying $45 for a voice mail service I didn't use. That problem has been dealt with, however. I was going to change my e-mail address for a 500th time, but that would screw too many things up, so I changed my password and sent mail to yahoo. again, dealt with.

You will also notice on the sidebar a new blog, a new one of mine called "Rodney Evil of Mayhem's Official List of Loathing." It is, as the name suggests, a simple list of people world-wide who I loathe and the reasons why. (sometimes) New to the list are MATT and REINER, two colomnists of Game Informer (may it reign supreme as the king of all gaming magazines) who gave an absolutely SHIT-FUCK review of Shadow the Hedgehog. If someone asks to borrow it after playing it all new years morning while I visited, I'd have to say that It's worth far more than 2 or 4 out of ten. Even a 6 would have done it justice, I mean seriously, guys, c'mon. It is worthy of noting that people are not exempt from earning their way off "Teh List" by either correcting their mistakes or redeeming themselves in the future, but somehow I assume (and would hope) that these people are too busy to give a shit whose hate list they're on. I only made the list for the purpose of informing my readers of my opinion, though I hardly think it matters to most "normal" people.

As for my Forum, I think It'll be a little longer before I pluck up the courage to attempt to catch up on my posting, sorry folks! (shrug)

Lego Star Wars

My parents purchased a ps2 this past weekend which makes me officially the only one I know that doesn't have one. When asked to pluck a game for the kiddies I chose this doozie! This game is a laugh-riot! I love it to death! As the title suggests you start as lego Obi-wan and Qui-gon in a lego Dexter's Diner. This game is so fun mostly because it's so easy and you can't get a game over if you die, you simply lose money, which is easey to obtain anyway. This game is fun for everyone, not just kids. adults will love the cutscenes and the amazing detail that was put into duplicating the movie settings almost exactly. My brother and I spent hours trying to unlock episode 4 but couldn't finish before I had to return home. I miss it already!

My Rating: 5 Starz

Soul Calibur 3

YAY! REJOICE! HUZZAH! HAPPINESS IN A DISK! My friend Jarjar bought this game for ps2 and got started with unlocking armor for the character customization mode. By the time I made it over to his place (New Years Eve) He had fully prepared for my arrival. The minute I got there he handed me the controller and told me to go at it. Now the only thing that can compare to the feeling I got just holding that blessed controller is that scene in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone when he held his wand for the first time. I happen to be a Town-wide reveared character customizer. I have excelled with such engines as WWE smackdown, all releases of the Tony Hawk franchises, Teh Simz (all of them), and now Soul Calibur 3. after screwing around with the classes for a while (try like 5 hours) I managed to create some pretty bad-ass characters, one of which being The Black-Mage from The Final Fantasy series. I also helped Jarjar make the Red-Mage. Once we had settled on which customized characters were worthy to keep on the card, we went at it. It was EPIC! The bouts were of the quality you'd expect to see at officially sponsored tournaments!

My Rating: 7 out of 5 Starz, yo!

Baten Kaitos: Eternal wings and the Lost Ocean

I'm borrowing this from Jarjar. Aside from the absolutely Horrid voice acting (with the exception of Emperor Geldoblame and The Great Mizhuti) This game is beutiful. The unconventional turn-based card battle system is user-friendly, the gameplay is wonderful, the storyline doesn't suck bad enought to gripe about, the graphics are like something out of a dream, and the music was so mind bogglingly well done that it actually made me cry, that's right, me, Rodney Evil of Mayhem, CRY!

My Rating: 4 & 9/10 Stars

Shadow The Hedgehog

I was at Best Buy spendzing mah birthday of Christ cash and after grabbing a new controller (mad katz blowz, that's is why) I found this. I popped it in my cube and was blown away. The music is bad-ass, teh graphics are bad-ass, Teh Multiplayer mode is bad-ass, teh esplosions are bad-ass, teh gunplay and vehicle controls are bad-ass, and teh review given for this game by Columnists MATT and REINER of G.I. Blows ass. MATT gave this slice of heaven a 4, and Reiner had the balls of steel to give it a 2. They have earned a shining place on my official List of Loathing right there under Tom Cruise. (see sidebar)

My Rating: 4 Starz (Minus one for repetative stage sections and Charmy the Bee)

Sonic Gems Collection

I was at gamestop christmas shopping and, after purchasing a copy of Tales of Symphonia for a friend, (great game may review later) found this baby! Now I used to own a Saturn and loved the living $#!7 out of Sonic R. I was filled with a warm, fuzzy joy when I saw it on the back of this box! This compilation includes 6 game gear games, Sonic CD, and a game called sonic fighters. ESPIO! YAY! I had unlocked Super Sonic in Sonic R like, 10 minutes after putting the disk in the cube. There are literally hundreds of art illustrations to unlock, and the game comes with vectorman and vectorman 2. VECTORMAN! I was overcome with happiness.

My Rating: 5 Friggin' Starz!

Mortal Kombat Deception

My friend Jarjar recently obtained a Ps2. I was at his place over newyears and his cousin Josh brought this... thing with him. Now, MK Deception plays like most MK games and has a quest-ish... mode... thing that helps you unlock characters. All I can say is that other than the incredibly boring almost to the point of being scary quest mode, there's nothing really all that new or great aside from a few new faces. Same gory fatalities, same basic realms, yadda yadda yadda.

My Score: 2 & 3/4 Stars

Lost Kingdoms 2

I Got this game from a friend for Christmas this year. It's not your typical card-based simulation. Instead you are a Girl with a runestone exploring dungeons and using cards to attack your opponents. You can summon helpers and independent monsters to fight for you, as well as summon monsters to do one quick and/or powerful move. You have a certain number of health and magic points so if you get hit enough you die and have to start the missions over. There is also a multiplayer mode to make sure that you're not building a powerful deck for no reason. in multiplayer you can bet cards and fight as other characters you've met throughout the game. player's can also duel using the same file.

My rating: 4 Stars

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Batman Begins

I watch it. It was good. If they make a second one, They should put him against Clayface and the mad hatter.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005



Seeing as how a can't find a user-friendly webcomic host, I just decided to post My new comic Wardorks!! in my forum.

Wardorks is based on Warlords 2 Deluxe for DOS. The comic is about four factions who can't agree on which type of bread is best for making sandheges. The dissagreement leads to war.

On the sidebar under "Web Funnies" is a button that leads directly to the comic. You don't have to be a member of my forum to read the comic, but you must be a member in order to post comments on Wardorks!!.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Dungeons & Dragons 2: Wrath of the Dragon God

It was on Sci-Fi last night. I watched it. It had 2 things that I liked. Storyline continuity, and something that wasn't in the first movie... BOOK REFERENCES! They mentioned Obad-Hai, they actually told you what spell they were casting, and thay had classes! A rogue, a cleric, a Barbarian, (rage mentioned) aFighter, and a Wizard. There was a great deal more thought put into this movie. Damadar Came back and mentioned that Profion had put a curse on him to return to life as the undead. he now wants revenge and plans to unleash the Black dragon god.

I Loooved it! It made me sad that I couldn't find even one blasted screenshot because the graphics were greatly improved as well.


Code Lyoko

I have been watching Cartoon Network a little lately and saw a show called "Code Lyoko." After following the show for a while, I began to get hooked. The show is about a virtual world called Lyoko. Recently, a computer program called Xana began taking over Lyoko and attacking the human world using devices such as toasters, TVs, and trains. Four kids now have to save the world by going into lyoko periodically and with the help of a virual entity named Aelita shutting down the towers that xana uses to control our machines. They must fight monsters and avoid getting caught by the teachers or risk the destruction of lyoko. In recent episodes the once completely virtual girl Aeleta has become real with the help of Jeremy, one of the four kids. The only thing that bugs me is that when she goes virtual from time to time, SHE HAS NO BLOODY WEAPONS! The four main characters have to protect her. give the girl some blasted weapons for christ sake, everyone else has some.

Code Lyoko was originally called "Garage Kids" but was much too scary for children to watch, so they edited it and placed it in Miguzi... Blasphemy!


Wednesday, October 12, 2005


As some of you may know, I had a terrifying experience a while back.

I have been watching ghost hunters almost religiously since then
and decided to E-mail T.A.P.S. (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) after
they did a segment on the Winchester mansion. I had heard about the
winchester mansion some time before this and was thuroughly amused.

They also investigated the famed Queen Mary ghost ship. Some stupid
teenager tampered with one of teh cameras and faked what would have
been some awesome footage.

I await their reply...

Nose Goblins...

Diet Schedule Revision

I made a change in the lunch portion of my diet schedule.
Instead of that blesphemous Sandich I shall instead consume Ramen.
The local grocery store had a sale on ramen, 7/$1.00. I bought 21 packeges.

I'm a Maruchan fiend!

The Diet has begun! Let's see if I can last...


Sonic Mega Collection and recent business franchises...

Price: $14.99
Bought: used.
Condition: Pre-played once/New.

As some of you may know, there has been a recent plague of Family
dollars ravaging west michigan. One popped up in marcellus, then, this past weekend, another popped up in Vicksburg without warning. Another franchise that seems to be appearing without warning is the Movie Gallery. There is one in Paw Paw, one in Schoolcraft, and yes, one even popped up in vicksburg. To this I say, THANK GOD! I was looking to purchase a new game for my GCN, but the local video store only had 5 horrible games for GCN and about 20 good games for PS2.

I remember thinkig "There has to be a place to buy good GCN games..." And almost as if God (or Satan for that matter) had been listening, a movie gallery appeared out of thin-air, right next door to our magical Family Dollar. Now their GCN collection was still small compared to their PS2 shelf, but all the games were good. So I bought SMC and went home a happy camper.